Spring Lamb

Posted on Apr 26, 2012

By: Brad Cecchi

Now that we are in the heart of spring, lamb seems to be the meat du jour these days. Here is a quick recap of what parts of a Spring lamb we utilize here at Grange. This lamb was from Matin Emigh farm near Rio Vista, and came to us weighing just under 50 pounds. The hind legs come off first, which are the classic legs of lamb we all love around Easter time, seasoned with a little rosemary and garlic.

Next are the front legs, referred to as the shoulder. This cut of meat is commonly braised, or ground for sausage. This year we used it for merguez, which made an appearance on the Grange Easter Brunch menu. Then we remove the belly, which has a lot of different uses. We usually cure it for lamb “bacon” because it is the fattiest part. We are now left with the saddle. This primal contains the ever so popular rack of lamb, and the lamb chops.  We marinate these with herbs and olive oil, grill them, and serve with a smoked goat cheese potato gratin.

Remember to always save the bones for soups and stock!