Placer County Real Food

Posted on Aug 23, 2010

Here at Grange, we take great pride in our local farm-to-table philosophy. We (obviously) enjoy shopping at the farmer’s market, as well as fostering relationships with the local farmers and ordering produce/meat directly from them.

Joanne Neft and Laura Kenny just happen to share our same philosophy. Last year they created 360 recipes, hosted 52 dinner parties, and used 100% local products.

In case you missed our awesome book signing event last week, you can catch the recap on Sacramento Press, thanks to Jon Mortimer…


Ever wonder if its possible to shop exclusively at farmers’ markets and eat nutritiously? Deliciously?

The answer is yes, and Joanne Neft and Laura Kenny are making it easy for you.

The duo spent every Monday night in 2009 hosting dinner parties where they treated guests to dishes prepared with local, seasonal ingredients purchased at farmers’ markets in Placer County. They recorded the menus they created and compiled them into a book with 360 recipes.

Placer County Real Food: Recipes and Menus for Every Week of the Year” is the finished product and Neft and Kenny were at Grange Restaurant and Bar Wednesday night signing copies, meeting readers and foodies, and eating.

The $45, four-course meal was planned by Neft and Kenny with Grange chef Michael Tuohy. It was almost identical to the “Pork & Peas” menu on page 187 of the book, with a variation on the dessert.

The first course was a edamame with sea salt, followed by a mixed greens salad with figs, walnuts and thyme honey vinaigrette. The main course was a slow-roasted pork roast with peppers served atop pink-eyed peas with Italian sausage and tomatoes. Dessert was a very rich roasted figs, peaches and raspberries medley with creme fraiche.

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