Hunt, Gather, Cook

Posted on May 20, 2011

Our dear friend and fellow Sacramentan Hank Shaw is embarking on a national book tour and we are honored to host his homecoming book launch party! Join us on June 16th for a wild food tasting menu and book signing.

A message from Hank about the book and tour…

“Hunt, Gather, Cook” is part cookbook, part primer on how to take a more active role in how you feed yourself and your family. It is a food-centric guide to foraging, fishing or hunting intended to introduce novices to the pursuit — and to help those who already hunt, or fish, or forage, expand their skills with wild food. Not only will this book help teach you how to find game, or fish, or wild plants, but it goes through what you need to know to once you have it, and how to cook with it in a modern, serious way. This is not campfire cooking, it is a celebration of largely forgotten ingredients that live all around us.

A major part of the tour to promote the book will be a series of restaurant-based events where the chef and I collaborate on special menus featuring wild food special to that region’s cuisine. These events tap into the frontier beyond fresh-seasonal-local and show diners the potential of wild ingredients, whether they’re wild mushrooms and plants, local wild fish or game. Expect to see mesquite and quail and prickly pears in Arizona, wild rice and walleye and wild berries in Minnesota, and clams and game birds and wild beach plums in New England. I am teaming up with award-winning chefs from around the country to showcase the kaleidoscope of flavors native to North America.

Menu and more details coming soon. For reservations, call 916-492-4450.