Grape Escape Top 10 Tips

Posted on Jun 1, 2012

Tomorrow (June 2nd) is the 10th Annual Raley’s Grape Escape at Caesar Chavez Park!  We’ll be there, grilling house made sausages and cheering on Chef Oliver in the Chef Challenge.  We hope to see you there and thought, as experienced “Grape Escapers” that we’d share our tips on how to get the most out of the event:

Tip #1: Dress the Part – It’s going to be hot so be casual and be comfortable. As much as we love to rock the high heels, you’ll be standing in grass, on dirt and concrete so you might be more comfortable in flat shoes.

Tip #2: Bring Your ID – They check it at the gate so don’t forget it at home.

Tip #3: Buy Your Ticket Today – You’ll save $10! Or, buy your tickets at any Raley’s or Bel Air to save an additional $5.

Tip #4: Get the Lay of the Land – Walk in the gates, pickup your wine glass and plate and make one big circle around the park.  See where your favorite restaurants and wineries are and then figure out who you just can’t miss. In fact, look at the list now so you know who you’re looking for when you arrive.

Tip #5: Try Something New – We know.  You have your favorites – so do we.  But this is your chance to find a new favorite.  Try a new winery, a new restaurant or ask your favorite one what they have that’s new.  Not sure which wine you want to try? Ask the person pouring what they would recommend or what their favorite wine is – you might find something new you wouldn’t ordinarily try.

Tip #6: Be Courteous – Okay, this is obvious, but if there is a long line for a winery and you’d like to try more than one of their wines, step up to the table, get a pour of wine and then step to the side to let others do the same.  You can still chat with the winery staff and ask questions, but let them continue to pour for others while you enjoy your sample.

Tip #7: Cheer on the Chefs – Three area chefs, including Chef Oliver, are competing for cash and bragging rights in an Iron Chef-like competition.  They are given a basket of secret ingredients, an assistant and 25 minutes to wow the judges.  Get a glass of wine, sit in the shade and rest your feet while oohing and ahhing at their imaginative creations.

Tip #8: Check in on Foursquare – Not just because you want to find your friends, but because checking into Grape Escape will automatically score you a 15% discount on your dinner that evening at Pyramid, Pizza Rock and Grange.

Tip #9: Save Room for Dinner – After all that wine and a few snacks, you’re going to be hungry.  In fact, you should just make a reservation now.

Tip #10: Make it a Weekend and Book a Room – Good friends, good food and good wine? You might as well make a night out of it!  Of course, we’re biased and think you should sleep next door at The Citizen Hotel.  Use the code LOCAL to get a special $99 rate for the night.

Okay – now you’re ready for a great afternoon at the park – be sure to stop by and say hello, we’re looking forward to meeting you!