And the winner is…

Posted on Dec 15, 2011

We appreciate the vibrant food blogger community in Sacramento and recently hosted a soup recipe contest with some of our favorite bloggers. Chef Ridgeway thought a great way to connect with the online community was to open up the Grange menu for one lucky winner – something we’ve never done before! We invited a handful of writers to submit a soup recipe with this basic premise: create a soup that celebrates the abundant, fresh and local ingredients the Sacramento area has to offer. Six delicious recipes were submitted and it was a tough choice for Chef and his staff to pick the winning soup.

After much deliberation, it was the scrumptious Panade (Bread Soup with Chard and Wild Mushrooms) by Ann Martin Rolke, co-founder of the California Food Literacy Center. Her winning recipe will be featured on our 2012 Dine Downtown menu from January 9-15! Congratulations Ann!

All of the participating bloggers were invited to a special meet-and-greet tasting event this past weekend to sample some of Chef Ridgeway’s creations with the grand finale being a bowl of the winning soup. Thank you again to everyone who participated! We hope to see you in Grange again soon!